We believe in bringing communities back to life. Landmark Developers has a storied history of restoring and renovating historic properties and of breathing new energy into neighborhoods. With our sister company, Landmark Hospitality, we bridge the gap between development and operation in our new businesses. We seek partnerships with community groups and provide young entrepreneurs means to execute their great ideas. We make dreams into realities, from blueprint-to-construction to completion.


Landmark Developers is about innovation. We are revivalists. As developers, we transform unique or abandoned properties into vibrant residential, retail, office, or hospitality spaces. We envision spaces at their full potential, and our planning expertise and construction experience bring these structures to life. Landmark Developers builds iconic, ground-up developments that become centerpieces of neighborhoods. We strive to build upon the existing urban infrastructure of mixed-use, pedestrian-friendly communities with existing transportation options. Landmark Developers works hand in hand with our sister company, Landmark Hospitality, which operates our restaurants and banquet halls. After we build, rehab, revitalize, and redevelop, we seamlessly transition operation of these buildings to Landmark Hospitality. We understand our venues to be a vital part of their neighborhoods and communities. In the operation of our revived spaces, Landmark Hospitality takes great care to complement…


We are experts in restoration. When we approach a restoration project we do a detailed investigation on the history of the historic property. From researching old pictures, to talking to local historians we compile all this information to guide our plans to restore the property and incorporate the property to its use. Our recent completed projects highlight this approach and the finished project is a testament to our abilities as revivalists.


When Landmark approaches a project, we take the time to work closely with local officials, zoning boards, and community groups to ensure that our work is an asset to the neighborhood. We make the local workforce a part of our family, making sure the community’s goals are met, along with our own.


Our in-house construction team, Black Dog, enables us to understand the scope, cost, and timeline of projects. We have over 40 years of experience in the construction field and are able to direct contractors and advise owners. We are experienced, hands-on, and proactive, allowing us to execute from concept to completion.