When Landmark approaches a project, we take the time to work closely with local officials, zoning boards, and community groups to ensure that our work is an asset to the neighborhood. We make the local workforce a part of our family, making sure the community’s goals are met, along with our own.


Landmark Developers understands the importance of working with municipalities on redevelopment projects. We approach each project with an understanding of the municipality’s goals for the area. We are currently the designated developer for the five-block Historic North Avenue Redevelopment Area in the heart of downtown Plainfield. This project will consist of the restoration of over 10 historic properties as well ground-up construction that will create over 250 residential units and nearly 35,000 square feet of retail space. These projects will be key elements in jumpstarting and sustaining the rebirth of this historic area. They will bring restaurants, retail spaces, outside capital, venues for local artist spaces, and increased foot traffic and will create a livable community and neighborhood for the North Avenue Historic District. We work with municipalities who have vacant or underutilized properties with unique architectural characteristics. Many of these properties are dormant and underutilized, with the municipality uncertain as to how to redevelop and revitalize them. Our reputation, experience and skill for reviving properties makes us key partners for municipalities.


Landmark Developers seeks to build on existing relationships and to create new ones. We work with leading investors to assist in funding our projects. Our history of success and our developments’ profitability make us an attractive partner for investors.


​We work with partners who share our vision. We seek out young professionals—artists, chefs, craftsman, tech developers, and innovative entrepreneurs—to be part of our community and to become urban pioneers. Because of Landmark’s experience in hospitality, we are able to assist and to support young chefs and entrepreneurs and to integrate them into our communities. Currently, we are working on several projects in Plainfield, NJ, where we are a driving force in the redevelopment of the historical downtown district. We are forming a food incubator, working with local chefs and restaurants to create a community space in which to develop food products and entrepreneurs. We are also opening a bread bakery and a cheese shop in the heart of the downtown district, as well as a bitters company that will further develop the community into a thriving city.


Landmark Developers works with leaders in the real estate world to make our visions realities. Our success and drive make us key partners in development. Our existing connections and partnerships enable us to connect with other developers to create a team capable of achieving success.